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Rack & Ride: Racks For Surfboards

Rack & Ride: Racks For Surfboards

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice catching your first wave, taking care of your surfboard is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity. 

One of the key elements in surfboard maintenance is proper storage, and that's where surfboard racks come into play. In this article, we'll explore the various types of surfboard racks, from wall racks to car racks and everything in between.

Surfboard Wall Racks

Surfboard wall racks are a popular and space-efficient solution for storing surfboards. These racks are mounted on walls, keeping your boards off the ground and safe from potential damage. Surfboard wall racks come in various designs, including horizontal and vertical options. 

They also come in different models like the wall rack for shortboards and wall rack for longboards.

Horizontal racks hold the board parallel to the wall, while vertical surfboard racks store the board perpendicular to the wall. Some wall racks even have adjustable arms to accommodate different board sizes and shapes.


- Efficient use of space.

- Easy access to boards.

- Aesthetic appeal as a display feature.

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Free-Standing Surfboard Racks

Free-standing surfboard racks are versatile and ideal for surfers with limited wall space. These racks stand on the floor and can hold multiple boards at once. They often come in the form of A-frames or multi-tiered designs. Free-standing racks are a great option for surfers who want a movable storage solution, allowing them to reorganise their surfboard collection as needed.


- No need for wall installation.

- Portable and easy to reposition.

- Can accommodate multiple boards.

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Surfboard Car Racks

The 14 best surfboard car racks in the world in 2023

For surfers who crave adventure and want to explore different surf spots, car racks are a must-have accessory. Car racks come in various styles, including roof racks, tailgate racks, and soft racks. Roof racks are attached to the roof of your vehicle, while tailgate racks secure the boards to the back of trucks or SUVs. Soft racks are a more flexible option, using straps to secure the boards to the roof of the car.


- Enables surfers to transport boards conveniently.

- Ideal for road trips and surf explorations.

- Various options to suit different vehicle types.

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Surfboard Bike Racks

For eco-conscious surfers or those looking to add a bit of exercise to their surfing routine, a surfboard bike rack offers a unique solution. These racks can be attached to the back of a bike, allowing surfers to pedal to their favorite surf spot with ease. Bike racks are typically lightweight and easy to install, making them a sustainable and convenient option for transporting your boards.


- Eco-friendly transportation option.

- Combines exercise with the surfing experience.

- Cost-effective alternative to motorized transport.

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Choosing the right surfboard rack depends on your lifestyle, storage space, and transportation needs. Whether you opt for the space-saving elegance of wall racks, the versatility of free-standing racks, the convenience of car racks, or the eco-friendly approach of bike racks, investing in the proper storage solution will keep your surfboards in prime condition and ready for the next thrilling ride on the waves.

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