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Wetsuit Hoods

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Surfing's dynamic connection with the ocean is enriched by a crucial but often underestimated gear component - the wetsuit hood. Far more than an accessory, it seamlessly blends functionality with the thrill of riding waves, offering surfers a key to unlocking extended and comfortable sessions in the water.

The wetsuit hood's standout feature is its exceptional thermal insulation. By enveloping the head and neck, it extends a surfer's tolerance to colder waters, transforming uncomfortable conditions into opportunities for prolonged and enjoyable surfing. Beyond temperature regulation, the hood acts as a shield against brisk winds and the sun's harmful UV rays, safeguarding the skin and enhancing overall comfort and safety in diverse oceanic environments.

In the dynamic realm of surfing, the wetsuit hood stands as an indispensable tool, symbolizing a commitment to extending the boundaries of the surfing experience. Beyond being a piece of gear, it becomes a key to unlocking a more immersive, protected, and satisfying dance with the sea.

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10 Over Surf Shop is an online surf shop based in Newquay, Cornwall, UK. We are a few minutes drive from Fistral Beach which plays host to some of the biggest surfing contests in Europe. You can find our address on the contact us page. We offer Click & Collect for customers wishing to pick up their purchases.
Does 10 Over Surf Shop Offer Free Shipping For Wetsuit Hoods?
Yes our surf shop offers free shipping on all orders over £50. You can also select "Click & Collect" for free pick up from our location in Newquay.
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Yes you may return your order within 30 days of purchasing it. Check the links in the footer of this website to view our terms of service, refund policy and shipping policy.
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We sell longboard fins, shortboard fins, wetsuits, leashes, board bags, board socks, wetsuit hangers, surf wax, changing robes, changing mats and loads more. Just use the search function above to find your surfing accessories.
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As an online surf shop we're open 24/7. We ship daily, except Sundays and bank holidays. Click and Collect is offered Monday through to Saturday.
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Yes we do, in fact Community is one of our core values. We currently sponsor the British Longboard Union, Surfing England, Longboarder Magazine and we sponsor up and coming young surfers. Learn more under About Us.

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