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Lightning Bolt
Strike Grey Beanie - Lightning Bolt Surf Co
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    Captain Fin Co
    Captain Fin Co - Captain Beanie
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    • Army
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Denim Blue
    • Heather Grey
    • Red
    • Saffron
    Lightning Bolt
    1971 Beanie - Lightning Bolt Surf Co
    Regular price£16.00£11.00
    • Burnt Brick
    • Black

    The beanie goes by many names: toque, cap, skullcap, stocking cap, dink, bobble hat, bobble cap. But the first time there was written documentation of this style of hat that wrapped the head was in 12th century Wales. Who knew? Whatever you call a beanie, we have a full range of surf and beach-inspired brands.

    10 Over Surf Shop is a Newquay-based online surf shop dedicated to our four core values. These are Earth, Nurture, Showcase and Community. We strive daily to partner with surf and lifestyle beanie brands that align with our core values.

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