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Surf Skates

Surf skateboards are the best way to improve your surfing without being in the water, giving you the feel of surfing with a specially designed front truck, giving you all the maneuverability you get from a surfboard but on land. With our high-quality range of carver surf skates, find one that fits you and your style and you will be shredding both in and out of the water in no time! Shop for your surfing skateboard today!

10 Over Surf Shop is a Newquay, UK based online surf shop dedicated to our four core values. These are Earth, Nurture, Showcase and Community. We strive daily to partner with surf and lifestyle brands that align with our core values.

We offer free shipping on all orders over £50, packaged in the most sustainable way possible. If you have questions about our brands and products, please contact us via the live chat function or the contact us page.

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