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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Surfing Skills

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Surfing Skills

As passionate surfers, we're dedicated to helping you enhance your surfing skills and enjoy the waves to the fullest. You may already have the surf t-shirt but now it's time to elevate your surfing abilities. Whether you're a beginner looking to catch your first wave or an experienced surfer aiming to take your skills to the next level, this blog will provide valuable insights and actionable tips.

  1. Perfect Your Paddling Technique:

Perfecting your paddling technique is the cornerstone of your surfing journey, influencing your overall performance in the water. Understanding paddling's multifaceted role involves proper body positioning, hand placement, and paddle form; 

  • Paddle Form Tips: Position your body lying flat with your chest centred on the board, and keep your head up to maintain visibility of incoming waves. Proper hand placement on the board is crucial. Your hands should be in the water with your fingers slightly spread, creating a "cupped" shape to maximise your pull through the water. For the correct paddle form, reach your arms as far forward as possible during each stroke, and you should pull the water with a bent elbow. The paddle should enter the water smoothly and exit with minimal splashing.
  • Paddling Efficiency: Achieving efficient paddling conserves energy and ensures you catch waves more effectively; maintain proper body alignment, engage your core, employ a steady flutter kick, and synchronise your strokes with wave rhythms. Building upper body strength and endurance through swimming, strength training, and regular practice is crucial for enhanced paddling. Lastly, prioritise post-surf stretches and recovery to maintain flexibility and mobility for optimal paddling form.
  1. Master Your Pop-Up:

Surfing's magic begins with the pop-up, that lightning-quick shift from lying flat to standing tall on your board. A smooth, swift pop-up sets the stage for a great ride, making it essential for your surfing experience. Here's how to become a pop-up pro - The pop-up isn't just about style; it's your ticket to efficient wave-catching and maintaining balance, bridging the gap between paddling and riding.

Perfect Your Technique

Achieving a harmonious pop-up requires a blend of balance, speed, and precision. Focus on:

  • Balance: Keep your hands beneath your shoulders, chest raised, and centre of gravity low for stability.
  • Speed: Prioritise a swift, fluid transition from paddling to standing.
  • Precision: Ensure precise foot placement for better control of the wave.
  • Practice for Perfection: Like any skill, practice is key. We'll provide land and water-based exercises to build muscle memory and confidence, transforming your pop-up into second nature. Mastering this art enhances your surfing rhythm, leading to more waves, longer rides, and the pure joy of gliding effortlessly on the ocean's surface. Dive into the details to elevate your pop-up and enhance your surfing prowess.
  1. Learn to Read the Waves:

Surfing is an art, and like any art form, it requires an understanding of its medium – the ocean. Learning to read the ocean and decipher its ever-changing language is essential to becoming a proficient surfer. Wave knowledge serves as the cornerstone of your surfing prowess, empowering you to navigate the ocean's complexities with confidence. For further information on how to read waves and the best waves to look for, read our blog on the best surf conditions for beginners. 

  1. Refine Your Bottom Turns and Top Turns:

When it comes to surfing, turns are your brushstrokes, allowing you to paint beautiful lines on the canvas of a wave. Bottom turns and top turns are the very essence of wave riding, enabling you to harness the energy and rhythm of the ocean. To refine these fundamental manoeuvres and become an artist on the waves, here's what you need to focus on:

Turn Breakdown

  • Understanding the mechanics of each turn is the first step. Bottom turns and top turns each have their unique qualities and purposes. When it comes to bottom turns, focus on shifting your weight to your back foot while simultaneously engaging your rail, allowing you to pivot smoothly and initiate a powerful turn. 
  • For top turns, consider positioning your body over the wave's face while maintaining a low centre of gravity. As you approach the lip of the wave, apply pressure to your back foot to initiate the turn and bring your board around, creating that signature spray of water as you carve. These subtle weight shifts and body movements are key to steering your path and creating those elegant curves that define a great ride.
  1. Mental Preparation and Surf Etiquette:

Surfing isn't just a physical sport; it's a mental one too. Confidence, focus, and managing fear are as important as any skill in your surfing toolkit. We'll also touch on the importance of surf etiquette and safety in the lineup:

  • Mind Over Matter: Address the mental aspect of surfing, including building confidence, staying focused, and dealing with fear. A strong mental game can significantly improve your surfing.
  • Respecting the Lineup: Highlight the importance of surf etiquette, respecting other surfers in the lineup, and adhering to surf rules. Good etiquette ensures a positive and safe surfing environment.
At 10 Over Surf, we're dedicated to helping you embrace the thrill of the ocean and ride the waves like a pro. Whether you're shopping for surf gear or just looking for some advice, 10 Over Surf is here to support your surfing journey!

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