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Catch the Wave of Savings at 10 Over Surf Shop's Boxing Day 20% Sale!

Catch the Wave of Savings at 10 Over Surf Shop's Boxing Day 20% Sale!

As the holiday season unfolds, surf enthusiasts and beach lovers have something special to cheer about this Boxing Day. 10 Over Surf Shop, the go-to destination for all things surf-related, is making waves with an exclusive 20% discount on their entire product lineup. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or a beach bum at heart, this sale is your ticket to ride the tide of savings.

A Surfer's Paradise of Savings

This Boxing Day, 10 Over Surf Shop is pulling out all the stops to ensure that surf enthusiasts can gear up for the next big wave without breaking the bank. With a flat 20% discount on all products, there's no better time to upgrade your surf gear or snag some stylish beachwear.

Unveiling the Discount Code: BOX20

Unlocking the savings is as easy as riding a wave – simply use the discount code BOX20 at checkout. This magical code opens the floodgates to a 20% reduction on your total purchase, making it a breeze to grab those coveted items you've had your eye on all year.

What's in Store?

From high-performance surfboards to trendy beach apparel and accessories, 10 Over Surf Shop has curated a collection that caters to surfers of all levels. Imagine riding the waves with a brand new surfboard or flaunting the latest beach fashion – all at a fraction of the regular cost.

The Perfect Gift for Every Beach Lover

With the holiday season in full swing, 10 Over Surf Shop's Boxing Day sale offers the perfect opportunity to find unique and thoughtful gifts for the beach lovers in your life. Whether it's a vibrant bikini, a cozy hoodie, or a set of high-quality surf wax, there's something for everyone.

Shop from the Comfort of Your Couch

The beauty of 10 Over Surf Shop's Boxing Day sale is that you can enjoy the discounts without leaving your beach chair. Browse the extensive selection, and apply the BOX20 code at checkout for instant savings.

Act Fast – Waves of Savings Await!

As with any wave, timing is crucial. The 10 Over Surf Shop Boxing Day 20% Sale is a one-day event, so don't miss the chance to ride the tide of savings. Whether you're treating yourself or checking off your holiday gift list, this is an opportunity to make a splash without draining your wallet.


This Boxing Day, 10 Over Surf Shop invites you to experience the thrill of surfing and the joy of savings. Dive into the world of surf culture with top-notch gear and apparel, all while enjoying an exclusive 20% discount. Grab your board, catch the wave, and make this Boxing Day a surf-tastic celebration!

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