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Smooth Movers & The Wave Project - Double Win For Our Community Core Value

Smooth Movers & The Wave Project - Double Win For Our Community Core Value

At 10 Over Surf, we hold Community as one of our core values. Our deep rooted connection with the surf community allows us to dedicate significant time and effort to actively participate in surf events and collaborate with organisations throughout the UK. We're delighted to announce the development of two significant partnerships that demonstrate our commitment to this brand value.

Firstly, we're excited to join forces with Smooth Movers, who are one of the UK’s upholders of traditional surfing. Putting on an invitational surf event as prestigious as theirs is no easy feat so this year we are putting our hat in the ring to help out as much as we can, to help keep fostering the UK’s growing community of traditional surfing. 

Secondly, we're honoured to become a Surf Therapy Alliance partner for The Wave Project. This alliance allows us to support a transformative initiative that utilises the therapeutic potential of surfing to empower individuals facing various challenges.

These partnerships hold the potential to foster the development and expansion of the UK's surfing community, while also leaving a positive and lasting impact on all those involved.

Smooth Movers

Smooth Movers is an invitational surf competition that celebrates the art of traditional logging and twin-fin surfing. This event holds particular significance in the UK, where we have so many talented traditional loggers. Smooth Movers has become to serve as an essential platform for these individuals to showcase their talents. Over time, this competition has gained recognition from other prestigious invitational contests. The top three male and female participants won invites to the renowned MexiLogFest, this event gathers some of the world’s finest loggers.

Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Godrevy Beach, known for its golden sands and breathtaking surroundings. The beach is renowned for consistently offering surfers fun peeling waves, making it a beloved spot within Cornwall's surfing community. This year at 10 Over Surf Shop and Longboarder Magazine we have decided to throw our support behind the Smooth Movers Invitational, aiding them in maintaining its tradition of showcasing the UK's logging community.

Mark your calendars for September 14th to 17th, it’s an epic show throughout the day and a great party well into the night! 

Surf Therapy Alliance 

The Surf Therapy Alliance, in partnership with the Wave Project, presents businesses with the opportunity to join a transformative initiative that harnesses the therapeutic power of surfing. By bringing together the remedial advantages of the ocean and the sport of surfing, the program aims to provide support for individuals with diverse challenges, including mental health issues, anxiety, and emotional struggles.

The Wave Project utilises the ocean's distinct environment to establish a secure and nurturing space where participants can develop confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment. Through carefully structured surf sessions, participants are motivated to engage with the natural elements and overcome personal obstacles.

At 10 Over Surf Shop, we have observed the remarkable impact created by The Wave Project. Their recognition of the ocean and surfing's potential to positively influence mental and emotional well-being is truly inspiring. They foster a profound sense of community, promotion for physical activity, and instilling a sense of achievement. In doing so, they provide participants with a holistic approach to healing and personal growth. This is why we proudly support The Wave Project through the Surf Therapy Alliance.

At 10 Over Surf Shop, we are excited to see the journey of both of these partnerships and see where they take us in the future. We're dedicated to contributing to our local surf community, so if you have a project or event that could use our assistance, feel free to get in touch. We're all ears for your ideas!

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