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As every surfer knows being out in the elements takes a toll on your skin, and this was something that the founder of Salt & Stone decided to take action on. He wanted a natural solution for our skin so that we don’t have to use hash chemicals. Using ingredients from the ocean to the mountains, Salt & Stone have used the power of nature with skin science to create a collection of skin care products perfect for the active body. 

‘From head to toe, our products work to make a positive impact on overall health and wellbeing.’

At 10 Over Surf Shop we love their ethos of leveraging nature in a harmonious way to care for our skin and sits well within our core value of sustainability. Not to mention their products smell and feel amazing on your skin!

10 Over Surf Shop is a Newquay-based online surf shop dedicated to our four core values. 

These are Earth, Nurture, Showcase and Community. We strive daily to partner with surf and lifestyle brands that align with our core values.

We offer free shipping on all orders over £50, packaged in the most sustainable way possible. If you have questions about our brands and products, please contact us via the live chat function or the contact us page.

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