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Exciting May Bank Holiday Highlights at 10 Over Surf Shop

Exciting May Bank Holiday Highlights at 10 Over Surf Shop

This week, 10 Over Surf Shop is excited to announce the arrival of Volume One of Longboarder Magazine and the positive feedback it has received so far. Additionally, the shop is eagerly anticipating the release of Volume Two in the near future. Amidst this excitement, 10 Over Surf Shop is proud to introduce the captivating Lightning Bolt Surf Clothing Summer Collection, in collaboration with the legendary and iconic surf company, Lightning Bolt Surf. As the warm sun casts its golden rays upon the coastline, this latest women's collection embraces the spirit of the ocean and the vibrant energy of summer.

Lightning Bolt Surf, a surf company with a rich history spanning over five decades, holds a special place in the hearts of surf enthusiasts. The story began in the early 1970s when Gerry Lopez, a talented Australian surfer, made his way to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Known for his exceptional skills, graceful style, and fearless approach to big-wave riding, Lopez quickly made a name for himself. It was during this time that Lightning Bolt Surf was born, capturing the essence of Lopez's spirit and passion for surfing.

10 Over Surf Shop is thrilled to unveil the Lightning Bolt Surf Clothing Summer Collection. Designed to embrace the carefree vibes of summer and the ever-changing beauty of the ocean, this collection captures the essence of the surfing lifestyle. From vibrant beachwear to comfortable and stylish surf apparel, the Lightning Bolt Surf Clothing Summer Collection offers a range of options for women looking to embrace the summer season with style.

The captivating designs and attention to detail in the collection reflect Lightning Bolt Surf's commitment to quality and their understanding of the needs of surfers. The clothing is not only fashionable but also practical, allowing surfers to move freely and comfortably in and out of the water. Whether you're hitting the waves or simply enjoying a day at the beach, this collection has something for everyone.

This week we also completed our first ever photoshoot for the shop and some of our brands, such as Yogi Bear, Lightning Bolt and Carver Skateboards. We blasted around Cornwall capturing some of Cornwall's finest beaches with our team.


As the waves may have been small or flat recently, there is no shortage of things to do at 10 Over Surf Shop. Newquay, the home of the shop, has been buzzing with various events, including Run To The Sun, Skybar, and the Food Festival, ensuring that everyone has been keeping busy during this temporary lull in surfing conditions.

With the arrival of Volume One of Longboarder Magazine and the forthcoming Volume Two, 10 Over Surf Shop is thrilled to be at the forefront of surf culture, bringing the latest trends and collections to surf enthusiasts. The introduction of the Lightning Bolt Surf Clothing Summer Collection marks another exciting chapter in the shop's commitment to providing high-quality surf apparel and accessories. As summer approaches, the collection captures the vibrant energy of the season and embraces the spirit of the ocean, allowing surfers and beachgoers alike to express their love for the waves in style. Visit 10 Over Surf Shop today and dive into the world of Lightning Bolt Surf.

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