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When Is The Best Time To Surf Fistral Beach - Our Surf Guide

When Is The Best Time To Surf Fistral Beach - Our Surf Guide

Fistral Beach, located in Newquay, Cornwall, UK, is a popular surfing destination known for its consistent waves. 10 Over Surf Shop is minutes away from this awesome surf break. 

The best time to surf at Fistral Beach can vary based on several factors, including the surfer's skill level, preferred wave conditions, and the time of year. 

Here are some considerations:

Best Surf Season For Fistral Beach

The surfing season at Fistral Beach is generally year-round. However, the conditions can vary significantly between seasons. The most consistent surf tends to occur during the autumn and winter months when Atlantic storms are more frequent.

Autumn and Winter (September to March):

This period often sees larger swells and more consistent waves. Advanced and intermediate surfers might prefer these months for more challenging conditions.

Spring and Summer (April to August):

While the waves may be smaller during the warmer months, this time of year can be suitable for beginners and those looking for more relaxed surfing conditions. Summer is also the peak tourist season, so the beach might be busier.

Tide Conditions At Fistral Beach

The best time to surf at Fistral Beach can also depend on the tide. North Fistral and Little Fistral break best on a lower tide, but the waves are more suited to experienced surfers due to the steeper wave profile. It’s possible to seek out barrels on a lower tide. Rips are also stronger on the lower tide at the North end of Fistral Beach.

South Fistral breaks best on a mid-tide and is more sheltered in a South/South Westerly wind. South Fistral tends to be a tiny bit smaller than the North end of the beach.

When to surf fistral beach

Fistral Swell and Wind Conditions

Fistral Beach is known for being exposed to Atlantic swells. Checking surf reports and forecasts for swell height, direction, and wind conditions is essential for planning your surf sessions. Websites and apps that provide this information can be valuable resources.

Weekdays vs. Weekends

If possible, consider surfing Fistral Beach on weekdays, especially during the off-peak season. Weekends and holidays tend to attract more surfers, leading to busier lineups.

Local Knowledge

Local surfers, lifeguards and surf instructors often have valuable insights into the best times to surf at Fistral Beach. They can provide information about the break's nuances, tide considerations, and any specific conditions for the day.

Remember that conditions can change rapidly, and it's crucial to stay informed and flexible with your plans. Always prioritise safety and be aware of your own skill level when choosing the timing for your surf sessions.

Photo credits: Nathan Benham @dawnpatrolphotography

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