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Our Top Surf YouTube Channels

Our Top Surf YouTube Channels

Amelia shares the teams top YouTube channels for surfers in 2023. Go check them out, hit that (subscribe) bell and enjoy!

Longboarder Magazine

The Longboarder Magazine YouTube channel is a captivating new platform that showcases the world of longboarding through beautifully crafted documentaries. The channel delves into the stories of surfers, exploring their journeys, the inspirations that shaped them, and their future aspirations in the surfing world. It features a diverse range of surfers from around the globe, including professional athletes and local heroes who have made significant contributions to the longboarding scene in their communities.

The channel is displaying Longboarding in a fresh and exciting way, combined with a website full of surf stories, art and culture and a stunning magazine that was recently launched. Longboarder Magazine Youtube channel is providing a much-needed platform for longboarders to share their personal stories and showcase their surfing. It’s one of our favourites and you're sure to leave the channel inspired and frothing to get in for your next surf session. 

Surf n Show  

The Surf n Show YouTube channel is a popular platform dedicated to surfboard reviews and surf-related content. Hosted by Noel Salas, a knowledgeable and passionate surfer, the channel offers in-depth reviews and honest evaluations of surfboards from a large variety of brands, breaking down their design, performance characteristics, and suitability for different wave conditions and rider skill levels. His reviews are backed by years of surfing experience and a keen eye for detail, allowing viewers to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right surfboard for their needs.

In addition to surfboard reviews, the Surf n Show channel also features instructional videos aimed at helping surfers improve their skills, as well as interviews with influential figures in the surfing industry. This makes Surf n Show one of our go-to resources for detailed surfboard reviews, and expert advice

Kales Brock 

The Kales Brock YouTube channel is a must-watch for beginners and those aiming to enhance their surfing / shortboarding skills. Kale covers a wide range of topics essential to understanding the sport of surfing, including proper pop-up technique, ocean reading skills, all the way to how to land an air reverse.

We love Kale's channel for its easy-to-follow demonstrations and his ability to explain the complexities of surfing in a clear and straightforward manner. His videos provide valuable tips that you can readily apply in your next surf session, making them a great resource for anyone looking to improve their surfing abilities.

Longboard Sessions 

The Longboarding Sessions channel is a fun easy-to-watch channel as it follows Brian James on his journey to improve his longboarding. He shares his tips and tricks which he has learned on his journey. His content is relatable to the struggles we all face while surfing and offers quick easy tips for longboarding which will make all the difference in your surf. 

Brian’s channel is an ideal resource for anyone seeking advice on getting started and improving their longboarding skills. His large range of content is sure to leave you with something to work on the next time you jump on your log!


The WSL (World Surf League) YouTube channel is the go-to place for all things professional surfing related. The channel features a wide range of content, including highlights from major surfing competitions around the world, live event broadcasts, athlete interviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the lives of professional surfers. 

The channel provides free coverage of the Championship Tour (CT), Big Wave Tour (BWT), Longboard World Tour (LWT), Challenger Series (CS) and Qualifying Series (QS), giving fans an opportunity to witness the world's top surfers in action. Whether you are a dedicated surf fan, a beginner enthusiast to find out more, or someone who just loves watching professional surfing, the WSL channel is a great place to go. 

Surf Strength Coach

The Surf Strength Coach YouTube channel is focused on providing surfers with training and fitness resources to improve their performance in the water. Hosted by Cris Mills, a surf-specific strength and conditioning coach, the channel offers a variety of videos covering exercises, workouts, and tips tailored specifically for surfers. 

The channel features instructional videos on surf-specific exercises, stretching routines, balance training, injury prevention, and other topics related to surf performance and conditioning. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer looking to take your skills to the next level, we feel this channel offers valuable insights and training guidance to support your surfing journey. 

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