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Do Carver skateboards improve your surfing?

Do Carver skateboards improve your surfing?

In 1996 in Venice, California, two local surfers faced the plight all surfers face throughout the year, a lack of waves. Eager to find something, anything, to recreate the thrill of surfing Neil Carver and Greg Falk took to the streets with a board on four wheels. Unfortunately, those asphalt waves were nothing like the snap and drive that can be experienced in the water, leaving them deflated. 

As with most creative endeavors, Carver Skateboards was born out of a lack of something, and in this case, it was the lack of a decent skateboard that mimicked the feel of surfing but on land. 

After several designs, prototypes, and testing, Carver made its first trucks, which have gotten better and better over the 26 years since its inception, becoming the leader in surf skates across the globe. 

Do Carver skateboards improve your surfing?

Surf skates is a relatively new term used to describe another branch of skateboarding. Much like you have a longboard, or a traditional skateboard, surf skates are a different breed altogether. Combining a wider, shorter deck than your typical longboard, with the rotating arm of a surfskate truck, allows the rider to whip the board much like a surfboard, as well as create momentum by pumping from heel to toe edge like a surfer would on a wave. The introduction of Carver Skateboards into the market has raised the bar, allowing surfers to practice turns, mobility, agility, flexibility, and balance when there is no swell to speak of, pushing the boundaries of two sports as one. 

So we go back to our main question, do Carver Skateboards improve your surfing? And the answer would unequivocally be yes. Used by the likes of Kai Lenny, renowned big wave surfer, and general ocean master, he rips on a Carver in his ‘down time’, showing us all how to consistently up our game and up our skill level.

Carver Skateboards are even used by snowboarders, as these board sports collide to give riders the chance to carve in the water, on land, and on powder mountain days, used across the board (pun intended) to give you something to do even when there are no waves or no mountains to cruise down. 

Now we know that Carver Skateboards are your go-to when sending it on land, how do you go about choosing one? Much like surfboards, there are myriad options to get your head around, from picking the right setup for your height/weight/ability, to deciding on decks, trucks, wheels, and sizes. From shredding on a fish to cruising on a log, it’s much the same with a surfskate. If you’re wanting to up your Pipeline game then going for a shorter board that gives tighter turns will be ideal for you. Combo this with a Carver C7 truck, a 27.5” Mini Simmons/29.5” RNF Retro deck choice, perhaps with a Roundhouse Mag wheelset 70mm 78A. Or perhaps you fancy improving your balance and footwork on your nine-footer, then maybe a 36.6” Tyler 777 is your deck of choice, with a Roundhouse Ecothane Mag wheelset at 65mm 81A. Sounds confusing right?

Don’t fear, the team at Carver Skateboards are masters in their craft and will hook you up with your perfect setup, depending on what you want it for! But the more you fall in love with Carver Skateboards the more you’ll come to understand what works and what doesn’t work under each scenario, whether you’re riding on the street, in the park, or cruising down some endless concrete waves. If you have been around surfing, skateboarding, or snowboarding for a while this introduction to a surf skate won’t seem so daunting, as you’ll already be familiar with the terminology, your preferred stance, your skill level, and what your end goal is. If you are brand new to any of these sports then, much like this editorial, there is a plethora of informative articles ready to help you get started on your surfskate journey. On that note, we highly recommend you start by checking out our selection of Carver Skateboards, a broad range of boards to get you started, that can be found on our site and are sold as a complete setup, meaning as soon as you pick it up you can jump on and start riding. The perfect addition to your board room for when those waves keep at bay. Any questions get in touch! 

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