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Long Shore Surf Resort Comes To Scotland

Long Shore Surf Resort Comes To Scotland
Scotland has witnessed the unveiling of plans for the Long Shore Surf Resort, destined to become Europe's largest inland surfing attraction. The resort, equipped with cutting-edge wave technology developed by Wavegarden, boasts a 250-meter beachfront capable of generating up to 1000 customisable waves per hour through 52 software-driven modules.

Located in a former quarry near Edinburgh Airport, the project, set for completion in September 2024, will not only feature luxury lodges, premium accommodation pods, restaurants, a spa, and surf shop facilities but also serve as a groundbreaking training ground for surfers across Scotland.

According to Craig Sutherland, Scotland’s team coach, the resort will be an "excellent training ground" for aspiring surfers, offering consistent opportunities for skill refinement. As the qualification process for the upcoming Olympics gains momentum, the resort's lagoon is anticipated to play a pivotal role in nurturing Scotland's surfing talent, potentially propelling them to the podium.

Renowned Scottish big wave professional surfer and Red Bull athlete, Ben Larg, expressed his enthusiasm, stating that the Lost Shore Surf Resort has the potential to elevate the standard of Scottish surfing, attract more enthusiasts to the sport, and even contribute to the presence of Scots in the Team GB squad for the Olympics.

The surfing sessions at the resort promise exhilarating wave rides lasting up to 22 seconds, with over 20 different wave varieties catering to surfers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Such facilities are not only popular among professionals, with surfing legend Kelly Slater having his own surf ranch featured on the World Surf League.

Marc Crothall MBE, chief executive of the Scottish Tourism Alliance, believes that the resort will be a game changer for Scottish tourism, drawing visitors not only from the UK but from around the world. With its proximity to Edinburgh Airport and its location near an already famous tourism destination, the resort is poised to make a significant impact.

Lost Shore Surf Resort's founder, Andy Hadden, expressed immense excitement about the project, stating that bringing the world's first inland surfing resort to Scotland is a significant addition to the country's already world-class tourism offerings. To celebrate the new development, the resort is offering discounted vouchers, allowing early enthusiasts to experience the facility at an exceptional value.

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